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Unofficial Referendum Results
The May 7 unofficial referendum results have all ballot questions passing.

Town officials released results at 9:10p.m., an hour and 10 minutes after polls closed.

The $50,960,997 annual budget passed 1086 yes vs 766 no, and included $14,990,463 for the Town Operating Budget, $22,067,447 for the Redding Board of Education budget and $13,903,087 for Redding's share of the Region 9 school budget.

The $24,133,114 Regional School District 9 budget passed by a vote of 1,691 yes versus 780 no, and reflected Easton's share of $10,230,027 and Redding's share of $13,903,087.

The $1,916,780 Regional School District 9 Joel Barlow High School Campus Improvements passed 1,682 yes versus 786 no, with $812,523 from Easton and $1,104,257 from Redding.

The $2,500,000 for Police, Fire and EMS Radio Communication Infrastructure passed 1,189 yes versus 516 no.


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