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Police Report Highlights From 12-16-19 to 12-23-19

From 12-16-19 to 12-23-19, There were 7 Motor Vehicle accidents no injuries and 1 Vehicle vs Deer with no injuries.

12-16-19 / Vandalism - Dayton Road Report of a mailbox being damaged sometime overnight.

12-18-19 / Attempted Identity Theft - Foundry Road Complainant received a call from someone claiming they worked for Social Security Dept. and that there were issues with the complainant's SS number. No further info by complainant given to caller. Investigation open.

12-19-19 / Burglary - Redding Road (RT.107)Report of a front door kicked in and the residence ransacked. Stolen was $3000 in cash, box of jewelry, 4 I-Pads and other electronic devices. Under Inverstigation

12-20-19 / MV Stop - Prawn Warrant Arrest on Route 58, Beech Lane.The following Arrest was made after a routine traffic stop.Arrested: Ashley H. Charges: Redding PD - Failure to Drive Right, Operating Under Suspension and No Insurance.Prawn Warrant Arrest was for Clinton P.D. for Failure to Appear. Court Date: 1-3-20 in Bristol Ct. Court

12-23-19 / Vandalism - Redding Road (Rt.53) Report of a rear basement door window broken at a vacant house.There was no entry to the vacant house.


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