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Local Health Data Discounted
County, Not Local Covid Data To Be Used In Making School Opening Decisions

The State of Connecticut Department of Education has revised guidelines for school districts in two key areas. Effective last week, school districts are to use only county-wide data and not local data as the primary determination factor in choosing whether to open in-person, in a hybrid mode or in distance learning mode. The state will monitor state Department of Public Health data weekly and update schools as to what they may or may not do. Secondly, even in the event that a school district determines that it is unsafe for students to attend in-person or in a hybrid mode, the data must be approved by a state review panel.

The map at left shows that all communities in Fairfield County as of the current weekly Covid count (8/6/2020 through 8/13/2020) should be in hybrid mode while the map to the right shows the status from actual reported Covid cases per 100,000 residents by individual community for the same period.


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